Certified Data Centre

Certified Data Centre Professional

CDCP (Certified Data Centre Professional) is the 1st level of a 3-level Data Centre Training and Certification Programme. Attendees will learn valuable lessons to enable a high-available, flexible, safe and efficient mission critical data centre environment for both new and existing sites, exposing attendees to the key components of the data centre, which will improve efficiency and provide cost savings. This course will also address how to setup and improve key aspects such as power, cooling, security, cabling, safety etc. to ensure a high-available data centre. It will also address key operations and maintenance aspects.More.

Certified Data Centre Specialist

CDCS (Certified Data Centre Specialist) is the 2nd level of a 3-level Data Centre Training and Certification Programme. CDCS attendees will gain knowledge to be a compatible sparring partner with suppliers and will be able to verify offers provided by vendors for correctness, effectiveness and efficiency. CDCS is a must-have certification for professional data centre managers and personnel. CDCS is a pre-requisite for persons wishing to achieve the CDCE (Certified Data Centre Expert) status.More.

Certified Data Centre Expert

With few exceptions, enterprises today rely on IT for the delivery of business or mission critical services - often directly to the end consumer. It is vitally important therefore, that a mission critical 
Data Centre be designed, maintained, and operated with guaranteed high-availability and efficiency in mind. Fact is however, that most Data Centre do not meet the full availability, capacity, safety or efficiency requirements demanded by the enterprise. More.

Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Manager

Managing the facilities of today’s hi-end and hi-availability data centers is an extremely demanding and complex task which is often under estimated. There is often very little appreciation and understanding of the complexities of managing mission critical data centers especially since many of the data centers are operating at, or near, their design limits and downtime is never an option. 
The way a data center is managed at the facilities layer makes all the difference and even a data center designed to Tier-4 as per the ANSI/TIA-942 standard could still experience many unscheduled down time events due to poor planning, operations, maintenance and management processes. More.

Staff with these all 4 certification:


1. Mr. Nasrudin Bin Abd Shukor