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ISMS Audit Sessions On 30th & 31st January 2019

UniMAP ICT Department was audited on 3oth and 31st January 2019

CICT UniMAP had provided eduroam service that is officially reachable starting on January 1st, 2018. Current locations of eduroam service that is available in UniMAP are in the Main Campus Pauh Putra and Kubang Gajah Campus. Eduroam is actually a wireless network (Wi-Fi) service that allows UniMAP citizens to use UniMAP’s Wi-Fi accounts to access wireless networks at any location that joins eduroam without any charges. It is a project of Malaysian Research and Education Network (MYREN) under the Ministry of Education Malaysia. However, for now, the access to the internet using eduroam Wi-Fi within the UniMAP campus is restricted to external users only (visitors from other participating universities).


How to use Eduroam?

Username: username@domain (i.e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Password : use the same Wi-Fi password used to access your Universities Portal / intranet

If UniMAP staff that is visiting UM (one of the institutions that join eduroam), he /she only needs to choose SSID eduroam and enter their Wi-Fi ID (@unimap.edu.my) and password to use UM internet service there. But make sure your UniMAP portal account is active and usable. 

If UM staffs that are in UniMAP, they only need to choose SSID eduroam and enter their official Wi-Fi ID (@um.edu.my) and password to enable them to use the Internet in UniMAP.


Additional Info

For a list of participating institutions around the world and more information on eduroam services, please visit https://www.eduroam.org (overseas) and https://mon.eduroam.my (Malaysia). 

Any inquiries please contact us - ICT Helpdesk (04 988 5467 / 5468).


 2018 Lawatan Unisza Ke DC UniMAP Pauh Putra


OCTOBER 3rd, 2018 - Centre for Information and Communication Technology (CICT) UniMAP welcomed a benchmarking visit from a team of Centre for Information Technology (CIT) staffs from Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA), Terengganu. The team consist of 6 members where 3 of them are the head of department (HOD) officers, a senior assistant officer, an assistant officer and a senior technician.

The event took place at CICT Data Center building in UniMAP Main Campus Pauh Putra, Arau where they were meeting CICT UniMAP staffs. The purpose of their visit were to benchmark with CICT UniMAP on our planning and managing routunes as to find the best practiced for them to implement in their two new divisions.

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The Harum Manis tree planting project as a project supporting Greenhills project was implemented by UniMAP ICT Center staff at the Pauh Putra Campus on April 12, 2017. The entire ICT Center staff has contributed to energy, finance and expertise in the success of this project. The Harum Manis tree project was inaugurated by Ybhg. Dato 'Prof. Dr. Zul Azhar bin Zahid Jamal as UniMAP Vice-Chancellor at around 10.00 am on April 12, 2017. A total of 16 trees were planted on that day. Here are the pictures of this crop project.

The inauguration of Harum Sweet Plant


UniMAP vice-chancellor contributes energy and expertise to planting Harum Manis


Trees are planted

Trees are planted



JULY 18th, 2017 - It was the best yet nostalgic time of the year when all CICT staffs were gathered to celebrate Hari Raya for the very last time in Kubang Gajah Campus office as the construction of the new CICT building in the main campus Pauh Putra is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year 2017. Everyone was in their best outfit and having so much fun chatting and eating delicious foods brought by the staffs themselves. Photos were also taken to commemorate this moment as they have been working there for many years.


APRIL 18, 2017 - Today, CICT successfully hosted a training regarding bootstrap mobile programming, which was instructed by the Senior IT Officer, Mr Mohd Fitri Edros. The training class took place at CICT meeting room were attended by 16 staffs which mostly had system development and website as its background. Two of the participants were from the Bursary department while 14 others were from CICT itself as well as the CICT Director, Mr Nasrudin Abd Shukor himself.




APRIL 12, 2017 - The inauguration planting of harumanis mango trees around Data Centre Pauh was successfully made by the Dato' Vice Chancellor himself, along with the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic & International Prof. Ir. Dr. Hj. Rezuwan Hj. Kamaruddin, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs & Alumni Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd. Fo'ad Sakdan and the ICT Director’s himself, Mr. Nasrudin Abd Shukor. 









Friday, 17 March 2017 16:35

UniMAP 2017 Logo Rebranding

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Kangar, MARCH 17th, 2017 - Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) had launched an addition to the UniMAP logo, now bearing the Universiti Malaysia Perlis wording besides the original logo. The launch was completed during the Seri Gemilang Putra UniMAP 2016 Award Ceremony at Putra Regency Hotel, here yesterday.

The launch was made in conjunction with the 10 years celebration after UniMAP was rebranded from Kolej Universiti Kejuruteraan Utara Malaysia (KUKUM) on 1st  February 2007 .

According to the Vice Chancellor of UniMAP, Dato' Prof. Dr. Zul Azhar Zahid Jamal, the launch of the new logo is also in line with its increasing use and function.

"UniMAP is now 10 years, counting from the date of its branding, thus, an additional logo will better highlight UniMAP’s corporate image in the local and international scene.

"In addition, the launch of the new logo is also expected to reduce public's confusion in associating UniMAP with other public universities," he said.

Raja Muda of Perlis, who is also UniMAP Chancellor, Tuanku Faizuddin Putra Jamalullail launched the logo. Raja Puan Muda of Perlis, who is also the Pro-Chancellor of UniMAP, Tuanku Hajjah Lailatul Shahreen Akashah Khalil had also graced the audience with her presence.

Also present were Perlis Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Azlan Man; Chairman of the Board of Directors of Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Dato 'Prof. Emeritus Ir. Dr. Zainai Haji Mohamed and former Vice Chancellor of UniMAP, Datuk Prof. Emeritus Dr Kamarudin Hussin.

Meanwhile, a UniMAP time capsule containing hope notes, which was kept for 10 years, was also opened at the 2016 ASG in order to reminiscince on the hopes that were written ten years ago.

The hope written by UniMAP Chancellor wishes that all missions and visions of the university will be successfully achieved.

UniMAP Pro Canselor also hoped that luck will always be with UniMAP in its jourey to strive for excellence.

Dr. Kamarudin’s note is a prayer that UniMAP will be a famous university worldwide.

For the record, over 2000 students and staff produced the notes that are included in the time capsule at the UniMAP campus in Kubang Gajah on  the midnight on 1st February, 2007.

The university received a visit from ASWARA College and Sigma Rectrix System (M) Sdn Bhd. The aim of their visit is to learn and see the great achievements of CICT UniMAP that has moved forward towards the Green Data Centre. In addition, the participants also gained experience possessed by UniMAP in creating a structured data center facility as the data centre also equipped with a great "Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)".

ASWARA College represented by its own CICT Director, Mr Ku Aznal Shahri Ku Abd Hamid and his information technology officer, Mr. Asrul Izham Jaafar. As for Sigma Rectrix System(M) Sdn Bhd, the company was represented by Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim bin Hussain, CEO of the company itself and two of its staff, Haziq Ismail and Ahmad Firdaus Khan. 

At first, they arrived at ICT Kubang Gajah for an introductory session and a briefing from the Director of CICT UniMAP, Encik Nasrudin Abd Shukor. There, the participants were given information about UniMAP and CICT UniMAP, on how CICT UniMAP works and how CICT UniMAP handle the problems and how they solve them. Then the participants are taken to the main campus of UniMAP. This is where they were taken to see the data center that became the pride of UniMAP, the Green Data Centre. The participants were taken to look around the new data center and see all the hardware and servers used to make the daily work at UniMAP running smoothly. Finally, the participants and the director of CICT UniMAP exchange ideas to strengthen the operations of CICT UniMAP and CICT ASWARA College for coming days.




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